Welcome to the 2017 Savour the Flavour BlogCast! We have an exciting week ahead of us, and we hope you enjoy hearing all about it, through a multimedia platform of images, words, and videos.

This year's Savour the Flavour Boot Camp is another Outrageously Rural Culinary Experience that promises great food, lots of fun, and many laughs. We are looking forward to working with Chef Chad Stewart in an intensive week long culinary training event that is sure to shift the way we look at the foods we eat, and the way they are prepared forever!

Between July 10th and July 14th, we, the busy apprentice chefs, will no doubt have plenty of  tantalizing information to share with those who follow our day-by-day BlogCast. Watch us engage in a worthwhile experience that builds in-depth culinary skills, and gain confidence as Outrageously Great Chefs!

Here's what's happening in this year's boot camp:

· An opportunity to work with a professional, Chef Chad Stewart of Field to Fork

· Working as part of a team to use The WHOLE Chicken!

· And, an opportunity to tell our Outrageous Boot Camp stories on our BlogCast!

Thanks to our sponsors: with your support we are able to hold this Boot Camp!



Day One - July 10th

 Today was the very first day of Boot Camp. We quickly got to work on the delicious lunch we were going to eat! Everyone stayed very busy in the kitchen; there was always something to do, whether it was slicing, dicing or chopping vegetables for tomorrow and washing the ever growing mountain of dishes.


 Lucia’s favourite part was learning to cut a WHOLE chicken into 8 cuts. The eight cuts are made of two of each; chicken breasts, tenders, drumsticks and wings. At home, she always sees family preparing chicken, and now she can do it for them!

 They say time flies when you're having fun, and it sure did! Josh’s team messed up and put extra red onions and instead improvised the kabob recipe based on their own tastes and creative ideas. Before we knew it, our amazing meal fell together before our very eyes...iceberg lettuce salad with chicken tenders, which turned into chicken fingers, chicken wings, and fresh strawberries!


 Jayden loved meeting new people and making new recipes! She especially liked cutting down the WHOLE chicken as she has never touched raw chicken, so she calls today a never before experience!

 We're especially excited for tomorrow, because Chef Chad said we’ll be eating the skewers we prepared today! Stay tuned to our BlogCast to find out what we get up to!


Day Two - July 11th

 If you thought yesterday was exciting, you won't believe today! When we got in, we immediately started to make ourselves brunch.  

 We all split up into small groups to prepare our meal.

Lucia, Lily and Caryssa made quiches from leeks, bacon, loads of smoked cheese and a puff pastry crust.

Tyson, Andy and Josh baked the egg in ham. They added mushrooms, cheese and spinach. One might call them green eggs and ham.



 Karlie and Jade prepared a homemade iced tea. They steeped 12 tea bags, melted honey, lemon peels sugar, lemon juice and added some water to make a flavourful juice.

 At brunch time, after a super busy morning we were rewarded with the fruits of our labour; the most delicious quiches we've ever had, with the baked eggs in ham, and a freshly dressed salad on the side.


For dessert we had freshly made lemon crepes with homemade custard and raspberry jam, fresh cherries and strawberries.

 Afterwards, we also made Chef Chad’s Secret homemade dough. Then we hand cut it for freshly prepared spaghetti, which we hope to enjoy soon!


To wrap the day up, we had crème brûlée prepared by Collata and Jayden. We also had duck fat french fries with homemade ketchup. Karlie, Jade, Collata and Jayden also made homemade ice cream for us to eat for snack next time!


 Stay tuned to our BlogCast to see how our field trip goes!!!


Day Three - July 12

Field Trip Day!!! We had loads of fun...