About The Bank

The Arts & Cookery Bank
is an exciting cultural destination, snuggled in a small corner of southwestern Ontario, between the historic Thames River and Lake Erie.

Located in a heritage 1914 Bank of Montreal and an 1883 timber frame barn on the main street of West Lorne, Ontario, The Arts & Cookery Bank offers up culinary and photographic experiences for all ages and abilitiesbankPhotoDisplayFireplace.

In The Bank, explore interactive, multi-media photographic displays that link four rural communities through the people, places and events, our streetscapes, enterprises and pastimes. Rotating photographic exhibits are selected from a vast database of over 2000 digital images.


The heritage barn has become The Cookery. This is the place to "cook up" great ideas and fabulous food. It's a stunning setting and it will tingle all your senses. Original timber frames and barn wood are delightfully paired with a twenty-first century cookery.

At the back of The Cookery is The Photo Stable, aptly named because it was the stable. Behind the sliding stable doors is a digital photo classroom where your photos, taken in our communities, come to life.

Upstairs, visit the Interactive Tourism Salon where you can plan an excursion with the CAR Map, our interactive online guide to our tourism and heritage attractions. Sit down in the Post Card Room and create and send a virtual postcard to your friends.carMapUpstairs

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