Culinary Arts

Our Culinary Programs

With local foods as the focus, our culinary arts programming is imaginative, engaging and fun. With some of the best growing ground in Ontario, our local crops include fruits (from apples to strawberries, peaches to cherries, blueberries to raspberries and kiwi berries), and vegetables from arugula to zucchini, and herbs, including lavender farms, maple syrup, honey and tree nuts. Oh, and sweet corn, of course. In the heart of cash crop country, we also have grain, egg, dairy and meat producers.

Cooking classes, held in our state-of-the-art Cookery, are interactive—giving everyone a hand in a unique experience. Whether conducted by a Guest Chef or a local Baking Queen, you will leave inspired to try something new at home.

We're focused on showcasing our multicultural heritage. Although our communities 

Stirred? Join our mailing list to stay on the front burner for upcoming classes.first grew with English and Scottish immigrants, a quick look in our phone books and a stop in our coffee shops reveals a rich cultural mix— Portuguese, Lithuanian, Dutch, Polish, Indian, Irish, German, Croatian, Serbian, Hungarian, just to start—where traditional cooking and recipes still thrive.

Create Your Own culinary experience.  Bring a group to The Bank. Call Tammy (519-768-9986) and we'll work with you to create a uniquely Outrageously Rural experience for your family, friends or colleagues. Team meetings, a Family Cooking Experience, Corporate Cooking Extravaganzas—you'll wow them.

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