Volunteers are the backbone of The Bank. Right from the outset, community members have jumped in to help. At last count, more than 100 people had offered a helping hand over the past three years and the number continues to grow.

We love volunteers and want to find the best place for you in our growing family.

Shutterbug Volunteers

Love your camera? Are you the one who’s never IN the photos because you’re the one taking them? Is your computer filled with more photos than files?

We have a digital photo lab and programming for all ages and abilities. Our participants come for the experience and leave inspired. Shutterbug volunteers lend a hand with our classes, help our instructors as mentors and assistants and help keep our lab tidy.

We offer a generous volunteer gratitude program, where your hours can add up to a free class for you.

Wound up? Contact us or call 519-768-9986.

Hot Pot Volunteers

Is your TV remote permanently stuck on food and cooking channels? Is your To Read basket filled with cooking magazines? Have you been cooking since you were tied to your grandma’s apron strings?

We help people cook up great ideas in The Cookery. It’s an interactive hot spot for inspiring cookery experiences. Classes for kids and teens, boomers and families, seniors and singles need our Hot Pot volunteers. While you help our chefs keep things moving, you’ll pick up great new cooking tips and tricks. Even if you aren’t ready for cooking prime time, your ability and interest being a “chef assistant,” doing dishes, cleaning up spills, or serving guests, will come in handy.

We offer a generous volunteer gratitude program, where your hours can add up to a free class for you.

Stirred? Contact us or call 519-768-9986.

Bank Tellers

Do you have the gift of the gab? Like meeting new people? Are you the one in your family who remembers who sat where and what they wore at Thanksgiving dinner 1971?

The photographic displays and videos at The Bank give a narrative of people and the communities that have been built here—more than 200 years of it. Community members have loaned thousands of photos, which we have digitized and "deposited" in our Foto Bank. We make "withdrawals" to create our hanging and wall displays. Our Bank Tellers learn about "A Barn, A Bank and A Story" and serve as guides, answer questions and help interpet our photographic displays.

You'll get lots of training, which will immerse you in the nitty gritty of our heritage and culture, and we offer a generous gratitude program, where your hours can earn you a free class.

Curious? Contact us or call 519-768-9986.

Heart & Hand Helpers

So, you burn water and take photos of feet and ceilings. You don’t have to be a pro in the kitchen or a digital photo wizard to help. Help us out in reception, behind the scenes, weeding the garden or welcoming our guests. There’s a place for friendly, people-centred helpers and for those who’d just as soon stay in the background.

We offer a generous volunteer gratitude program, where your hours can add up to a free class for you. You can earn a class that will teach you how to boil water to perfection or take a photo to be proud of.

Come for the experience. Contact us or call 519-768-9986.


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